I’m a poet, organiser, and Lecturer in Creative and Critical Writing at Birkbeck, University of London. I am also Co-Director of the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre and Convener of the BA in Creative Writing and English (both at Birkbeck).

I am also the co-founder of Watadd and an unrepentant idealist. I believe access to the internet and creative writing are not choices but necessities. I believe that if a form doesn’t exist then it should be created. You can find me Tweeting @swilley17.

During 2014 I worked at the Commonwealth Foundation as part of the Commonwealth Writers team, developing and managing online programmes.

And before I joined Commonwealth Writers I taught English Literature to undergraduates at Royal Holloway University of London and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Between 2008 and 2012 I researched the relationship between 20th-century poetry, performance and the institution, focussing on the poetry and organisational work of Bob Cobbing. This funded research was the result of a collaboration between QMUL and the British Library Sound Archive, and was part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council programme ‘Beyond Text’.

I wrote the introduction for a CD of Cobbing’s work for the British Library and produced a documentary film ‘The Sound of Writers Forum’ for the UCL Slade School of Fine Art project ‘Off The Shelf’. My doctorate was awarded in May 2013.

A note on this site

Living InElegy and Openned are examples of long-form projects, poems and events that have unfolded over years, taking a variety of forms and collaborators. However, I’ve also created event-based structures, and I enjoy working within temporal and spatial constraints. These one-off projects are documented on the blog.

Please get in touch via Twitter if you want to talk about or plan ambitious and exciting projects. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive monthly updates from www.stevewilley.com, reviews of poetry books, and links to what’s exciting me in the world of poetry. A full list of my publications are detailed below.


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  • Print anthology: ‘Living In: In Sufficiency’ in Extraordinary Rendition, ed. Ru Freeman (New York: Or Books)
  • Print anthology: ‘Blood Poem’ in Dispossession: Poetry of Crisis, ed. Theodorous Chiotis (London: Penned In the Margins)


  • Online magazine: poems from ‘Mirror: Flag’ in Spiral Orb Nine, ed. Eric Magrane (Tucson: November 2014) http://www.spiralorb.net/nine/willey
  • Online anthology: poems from ‘Mirror: Flag’ in Veer Vier: For Will Rowe, Veer Journal 4, ed. Carol Watts, Stephen Mooney and Aodán McCardle (London: October 2014) http:// www.veerbooks.com/Veer-Journal-4-Veer-Vier-For-Will-Rowe
  • Lyrics in published musical composition: Richard Bullen (composer) Steve Willey (lyricist), The Seven Arches (London: Stainer and Bell, September 2014) http://www.stainer.co.uk/shop/ cn16.html
  • Printed anthology, ‘Venus Panel’ in Hand Picked: Stimulus Respond, ed. Jack Boulton (London: Pavement Books, April 2014) http://www.pavementbooks.com/handpicked
  • Online magazine: ‘Three Pages from Signals (Letters to Palestine)’ and ‘Commission #2 Song of the Spanish Trees’, in Dusie, Issue 16, guest edited by Rob Kiely (February 2014) http:// www.dusie.org/issuesixteen.html


  • Print magazine: ‘A Reading’ in Zone Poetry Magazine, Issue 1, ed. Kat Peddie and Eleanor Perry (November 2013)
  • Online magazine: ‘Blackened Windows On An Aida Camp Watchtower’ and ‘Spring In London’ in Summer Stock, Issue 7, UK Poetry Dossier, ed. Elizabeth Guthrie (Livestock Editions: September, 2013) http://www.summerstockjournal.com/2013/09/issue-7-ukpoetry-dossier- tim-atkins.html
  • Print anthology: poems from ‘Signals: Letters to Palestine’ in Dear World and Everyone In It, ed. Nathan Hamilton (Bloodaxe Books, 2013) http://www.bloodaxebooks.com/titlepage.asp? isbn=1852249498
  • Online magazine: ‘The Gove Curve’ in, Kultimucke, ed. Max Czolleck (Berlin: July 2013) http:// www.kultmucke.de/the-gove-curve/


  • Print and online anthology: ‘Viper’s Bugloss’ in A Wild Flower Anthology, ed. Clare Whistler (London: June 2012) www.natashabidgood.com/images/WildflowerBook_03.pdf
  • Collaboration, poems set to music, online release: ‘1871’ and ‘Letters To Palestine’ on 1871 (London: Rumour Cubes, June 2012) http://rumourcubes.com/music/
  • Print magazine: ‘Saturn Panels’ in Halfcircle, Issue 4, ed. Tom Graham and Arabella Currie (Oxford: August 2012)


  • Printed chapbook: Steve Willey, Elegy (London: Veer Books, December 2013) http:// www.veerbooks.com/Steve-Willey-Elegy
  • Print anthology: ‘Living In: Slogans’ and ‘Neptune Tongue Odes’ included in Better Than Language: An Anthology of New Modernist Poetries, ed. Chris Goode (London: Ganzfeld Press, 2011) http://www.ganzfeldpress.com/2011/07/new-title.html
  • Print and online anthology: ‘Violet Sweet’ in Herbarium, ed. James Wilkes (July 2011) http:// www.physicgarden.org.uk/2001-2/
  • Print magazine: ‘The Gove Curve’ and ‘1871’ in the International Egg and Poultry Review: Friends Magazine 2 ed. Justin Katko and Luke Roberts (Cambridge: Critical Documents, July 2011) http://www.plantarchy.us/friends2.html


  • Print magazine: poems from ‘Slogans 1-5‘ in Brand, Issue 6, ed. Nina Rapi and Cherry Smith (London: July 2010) http://www.brandliterarymagazine.co.uk/index.php?goto=06
  • Print anthology: poems from ‘Neptune Tongue Odes’, in Freaklung Odes Issue, Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Barry MacSweeney’s death, ed. Tommy Peeps (London: June 2010) http://ninerrors.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/new-f-r-e-k-l-u-n-g-o-d-e-s-reading-at.html
  • Print magazine: ‘Neptune Tongue Odes’, in Cleaves, Issue 2, ed. Steve Willey (London)
  • Print and online magazine: Page from ‘Slogans’ in Klatch 2, ed. Klatch collective (London, May 2010) http://www.openned.com/epubs/2010/5/17/klatch-2.html


  • Print anthology: poems from ‘Venus and Other Noises’, ‘Source’, ‘Portmanteaux’ and ‘Wave (Histories of the Kursk)’ in City State: New London Poetry, ed. Tom Chivers (London: Penned In The Margins)
  • Online magazine, ‘Venus and Other Noises’ in Past Simple, Issue 6, ed. Marcus Slease and Jim Goar http://www.pastsimple.org/ps6home.html
  • Print and online magazine: ‘Mercurial Articulations’ in Klatch 1, ed. Klatch collective (London, February 2009) http://www.openned.com/epubs/2010/3/26/klatch-1.html


  • Online magazine: ‘Projections and Distillations’ in Onedit, Issue 11, ed. Tim Atkins (London) http://www.onedit.net/issue11/stevew/01.html
  • Print magazine: ‘Portmanteaux Translation #2 and Translation #4’ in Stimulus Respond, Issue 3, Time, ed. Jack Boulton and Georgina Colby (London) http://issuu.com/stimulusrespond/docs/ timeonline
  • Print magazine: ‘Elegy’ in Stimulus Respond, Issue 4, Skin, ed. Jack Boulton and Georgina Colby (London) http://issuu.com/stimulusrespond/docs/skin
  • Print magazine: ‘Two Untitled Poems’ in Veer Off, ed. Ulli Freer (London: Veer Books, 2008)


  • Online anthology: ‘Selections from Translations out of Walter Benjamin’ in Openned Anthology, Part 2, ed. Alex Davies and Steve Willey (London: Openned Press, July 2007)


  • Print magazine: ‘Clock Work: Sixty Shaking Hands With a Politician and Other Meteoric Concerns’ in Hick Moth, ed. Sean Bonney (London: Yt Communication Bulletin, July 2006)
  • Online magazine: ‘Waves’ in Openned Magazine edited Alex Davies and Steve Willey (London: Openned Press, March 2006) http://www.openned.com/epubs/2009/9/28/openned- magazine.html


  • Online magazine: ‘Remains’ on Nth Position, ed. Todd Swift (London: November 2005)
  • Online magazine: ‘The Virtues of Sitting’, on Nth Position, ed. Todd Swift (London: February 2005)


  • Print magazine: ‘The Innovator’ in The Wolf, Issue 7, ed. James Byrne and Nicholas Cobic (London: July, 2004)

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