James Wilkes, Herbarium, Urban Physic Garden

In the Herbarium


Violet Sweet

Behind one violet there is another
See, what is sweet about that –
Or yellow,

Every star emits
Yellow lilac light

Thick violet walls
Raspberry love –

Sweet sandhills draw upwards,

Tooth white stars

Brown silhouetted stole,
Soundhills needle

That I am not
Writing about you at all.

Currents raging.
Violet: sweet as a ghost.


It feels like it was only yesterday, but the launch of the Herbarium poetry anthology was almost four years ago. Edited by James Wilkes, the anthology was launched at the Urban Physic Garden with readings from 36 poets in July 20ll. The anthology, viewable here, celebrates and explores the contemporary resonances of medicinal plants and herbs for the Urban Physic Garden.

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