Introducing The Door / الباب by

This recording by Ammar Haj Ahmad (a poet and actor from Syria) is part of a collaborative poem and workshop called ‘The Door’, a project by Photograph by Abdullah Sirhan.

English Translation: The door. What is a door? Is the door a poem? Yes, the door is a poem? Do you want to open it? Or should it remain closed? No, the door is already open? No, the door is. With great effort they turned the key in the lock with their mouths… What is a door? Does it open out onto a dream or close onto a cell? What does it wait for? Does it wait for you? Who knocks on its seam? What stories are locked inside its wood? The door, just a door. But what if the door was a poem? Yes, let’s say the door is a poem. Do you open it or do you leave?

Go to exercise one: Describe the Door

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