The Door / الباب – Describe the door

This recording by Ammar Haj Ahmad (a poet and actor from Syria) is part of a collaborative poem and workshop called ‘The Door’, a project by Photograph by Abdullah Sirhan.

English Translation: Some doors are large, some are small. Some have powerful people waiting behind them, and some open out onto empty rooms. For this first exercise we want you to think of a door. This could be a door you’ve seen, or it could be one that exists only in your mind. You can close your eyes if it helps you. If you’re stuck, think about who or what is behind the door. Think about whether you are on the inside or the outside. Think about what colour the door is, and what it is made of, or what building it is part of. Now, when you’re ready, describe the door that you see.

Enter your description of the door here.

أدخل وصفك من الباب هنا.

One thought on “The Door / الباب – Describe the door”

  1. Some doors are meant not to be opened; sealed over with bricks
    they are best left alone, for if they are not, disturbing secrets will come forth.

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