Vanguard Poetry


 Want to find out if a van could be turned into a venue for poetry?

I did.

Want to see how it was done? Read this.


This was a ‘proof of concept’ reading, and there are bigger plans in the pipe line, so if you think you could help us develop the project in anyway, please get in touch on Twitter @swilley17


2 thoughts on “Vanguard Poetry”

    1. Thanks Mum, lost your comment for a while in amongst the spam. I’ve sorted that now. Good to know I’ve got one reader.

      Remember when you came to Openned and you saw Charles Bernstein read. You particularly enjoyed his reading of the poem ‘Likeness’ with Maggie O’Sullivan.

      There’s a video of it here ( 24.33 mins in).

      You may remember, it begins with the lines: ‘The heart is like the heart/ The head is like the head/ The motion is like the motion/ The lips are like the lips’

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